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      Hi all,

      Took advantage of the info in Brittany’s excellent report from a week or so ago and headed up to Dry Lake with Mika today.

      Road was clear and dry.  Upper lot had minimal ice- rest was clear.  The warmer weather is doing its thing.  Was probably 50 degrees during the hike up.

      Left the trailhead at 9:00am.  Got back at 3:00pm.  Spent about 90 minutes at Dry Lake.  9.8 miles total according to GaiaGps.  Thinking going straight up that drainage rather than the switchbacks saves a bit of time.

      Switchbacks looked clear to me, btw, but I only saw the lower portion.

      Trail was a mix of dry dirt/ mud in the lower sections.  Essentially all snow covered from about the Dry Lake/ Dollar Lake split.

      Dry Lake was beautiful.  Something special about that place when it’s all snow covered.

      I hiked up in boots.  I brought trail crampons but did not use them.  Probably could have used them going up and back down on the alternate route at the beginning of the trail because it’s steep and ice covered but really was ok.

      Did not need snowshoes at all.*  I don’t own any and figured we’d just turn around if I started to post-hole too much (any post-holing is too much for me. ha ha)

      *Today I learned that with other people using snowshoes, they tamp down the trail.  If you walk on their path, it’s a nice hard trail.  I really didn’t post-hole at all.

      Because I didn’t realize until too late, I did not follow Brittany’s note about taking the high road near the second river crossing (actually the 4th, I believe, since there are 3 right at the Dry Lake/ Dollar Lake split but it’s generally considered the 2nd).

      Took the low road up and the high road back down…. take the high road.  It’s easier.

      On to pics.  Just a few.  🙂  I have lots if someone wants to see more of the trail etc.

      Here is the part where you go up to the right to stay on the “high” route.  The trails come together further up, but the high route is easier.

      Just some trees. Thought it was a marginally good pic. 🙂

      Yours truly and Mika (it was her turn to go.  Max was jealous!)

      Mika being cute.

      Ice Donut 🙂

      Horse Meadow

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      Right on, Mike!  Thanks for the excellent report and update on current conditions.  As i’m presently unable to get back to ‘The Zone,’ i’d appreciate seeing more of your pics for some additional vicarious experience.  You can dm me c/o stbrunner60 at gmail.  Better give Max his opportunity asap before we see a major melt-off!  Steve B.



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      Sorry to hear you’re not able to get up into the mountains.

      If I did this correctly, this link should give you access to my Flickr album of photos of this trip.  Straight out of the camera and phone so nothing edited or fancy.

      Let me know if this doesn’t work and I’ll shoot you an email with some pics.


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      Thx Mike–link works great, nice album.  I think my faves may be those of you kicking back on the z-lite pad–as i really enjoy doing same!  Just listening to the sounds of silence…

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      Cool.  Glad it worked.

      Yup.  Something nice about just laying your head back, kicking your feet up and relaxing after the hike up.  Gotta learn to bring my large pad, though.  Would love to find a 3’x3′ lightweight square foam for the dog too.  They don’t care about laying on the bare ground of course.  ha ha.

      Got lucky that it was only me and a group of 4 guys who were sitting right near the entrance.  I walked down the right side of the lake to get some distance (they also had their dogs off-leash and I keep our dogs away from other dogs) and found the only marginally flat spot without snow.

      Of course they were laughing and having a good time so there wasn’t much silence.   Nothing overboard… sound just carries there apparently… or they were being a bit loud… or I’m getting old and crotchety. ha ha.  😉

      See you on the trails.

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      Wonderful report!! Thanks for the update!

      Also, great photos, I checked out your Flickr!!



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      Thanks Brittany.  Crosstrek is new for us.  Only had it for a few months now.  Really like it.  Was as tough choice between that and a Forester.   In the end, the sportier Crosstrek won out… Pro Tip- insurance on a Crosstrek is significantly! higher than we thought it would be.  Even more than the Range Rover Evoque we used to have.  Crazy.

      In case you (or anyone else) are interested…  Max and I just did Mt Baldy this past Saturday.  We made an instagram for the Huskies because, well… we’re weird like that. ha ha.  A few pics are posted there.


      We also post on the reddit socalhiking forum.

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