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      South fork to Dry lake trip report

      We started out at the parking lot at about 8:30-9A

      Top two tiers of the parking lot to have ice/snow. The rest are basically clear.


      We were ready to go!

      We started with mircos on until just after the creek crossing at the Dry/Dollar cut off. Mircos were needed in the AM for sure for the shaded areas. Switched into snow shoes from there. I would not recommend going pass the first creek crossing with out snowshoes as you will be post-holing knee to mid-thigh deep the rest of the way up basically. We followed the snowshoe tracks up through the valley ( don’t cross over the second creek crossing to the switch back – no trail ). I recommend staying to the right trail when it breaks up a few times. Going up we were kind of over the creek, everything seemed stable, but we noted this and took the higher trail on our way back down. Dry lake was great. Coming down was quick and easy. Kept the snow shoes on until about .75 before Poopout Hill. From there to just pass Poopout Hill was okay, heels wanted to dig in. After Poopout Hill was that lovely dry snow that made it a quick trip down! Icy on the down hill detour!


      The Trail:

      Trailhead to the Meadow:

      Dry snow, with spots of dirt here and there. Detour is still in place at the beginning of the trail. Trail is easy to follow. Stay on the packed parts of it, snow is deep in places. Dirt is frozen in the morning. Afternoon it is nice and muddy for you.

      Late evening - Meadow to TH

      between meadow and Th

      Meadow to Poopout Hill:

      Just about the same as above. More snow coverage though and a little less dirt.

      Poopout Hill to the creek crossing to Dry Lake:

      Snow is a little more wet. Heels were digging in and I was finding soft spots even in the morning along the trail. Creek crossing is fine and safe! Just pass the creek crossing is where we switched to snow shoes

      POH to CREEK

      Between Poopout and the Creek


      Poopout Hill

      Creek crossing to Dry Lake:
      Snowshoes are a must I would say after this point. Saw in the trail someone had attempted to get to Dry Lake, but was post-holing like crazy. Knee to mid-thigh deep AT LEAST. We headed up the valley, Do Not Cross at the second creek crossing. Follow the tracks into the valley. They meet up with the trail later. Also, stay to the higher- right trail. Or else you will be over the creek. It was stable for us, but there was some post holes that you could see through to the creek. Dry lake is cover in snow and ice. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!

      Switched to SS

      When we stopped to put on the snowshoes ( just pass the first creek crossing)


      Dry lake
      Dry lake

      Dry lake

      Dry lake to the trail head:

      We kept our snowshoes on until about .75 before Poopout Hill. Switched back to mircos. Heels dug in a little from from there, but after Poopout it was back to the super dry snow so we quickly made it back to the car!



      The valley on the way back down. Between Dry lake and the creek crossing



      Creek crossing on the way down


      Creek to POH

      Between the Creek and Poopout hill. You can tell I am on the packed snow and my friend over there is playing the ski tracks lol


      It was a great trip overall! Perfect weather!!!

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      A++ trail report, Brittany!  Really appreciate all the pictures and details.

      Looks like a great time.  The huskies are jealous of your time in the snow!

      How were the road(s) leading up to the trailhead?

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      Great info!  Thank you!

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      Mike- road was clear! Hit one small patch of ice on Jenks road when we were on or way up. Other than that it was a beautiful drive ! Thank you much, glad it was helpful!

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