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      I’m looking at an open loop hike from Vivian Creek t/h to Momyer Creek t/h (in either direction) and am wondering about the viability of the Dry lake View trail camp-there doesn’t appear to be a convenience water source nearby, which presumably means I would have to carry all the water I needed for that camp.  From Hikin’ Jim’s excellent Gorgonio map, the nearest reliable sources I see are High Meadow Springs or Plummer’s Crossing, both of which are 2-2.5 miles from the camp.  Are there any other potential water sources for this camp?  Since High Sprngs camp is in the current fire closure zone, I guess that means Plummer’s Crossing is the nearest source, which suggests that I should do the route clockwise (ie, from Momyer Creek to Vivian Creek) so I didn’t have to hike past the camp for my water.

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      Hikin Jim

      I think you’re assessment is correct.  There’s nothing on that ridge in the way of water sources.  If coming up from the Vivian Creek side, the last reliable water source is High Creek.  If you’re coming up from the Momyer Creek/Falls Creek side, then Plummer Crossing (very reliable) is the last good water source.

      If you had a three day weekend and could get a permit, you could do first night at Saxton and second at High Creek (or vice versa).  You’d have reliable water both nights.


      Map link:  http://caltopo.com/m/0P77


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