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      John Karevoll

      Any thoughts? Looking at one of Ben’s webcams,

      it almost looks like there’s still a little snow in the shady spots?

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      Hopefully someone who’s been there recently will reply, but I would imagine Lodgepole Spring is still running.

      Worst case, assuming you’re coming up on the South Fork Trail, you can stock up on water at South Fork Meadow (the Dry Lake/ Dollar Lake Split) and carry it the 2 miles or so to Dry Lake.  Not as easy/ convenient as getting up at the Dry Lake, but not horrible.

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      I passed through Lodgepole yesterday afternoon. The spring was running but it’s getting pretty low.


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      I was at Lodgepole on 6/4-6/5. Like BrianD mentioned, it was low, but we were able to pump plenty of water.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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