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      Firefighters put their lives on the line to try to control fires out breaks that are natural or human caused. Sometimes a fire can’t be stopped but instead can be altered away from lives and property. Fighting fires is very dangerous and sometimes lives are lost trying to protect others and their property. Some people do lose their homes and lives because a fire can become so over whelming. Our public property the San Gorgonio Wilderness did suffer because it is so big to protect all of it. It did get burned but not all of it. There are some areas that didn’t burn at all but other area that got devastated and then some areas that burned just the ground cover. When the wilderness opens up again there will be some trail closures but the San Gorgonio Wilderness will still be there for all.

      Here is a great video by San Bernardino County Fire Department documenting the El Dorado Fire.

      San Bernardino County Fire Department El Dorado Fire video part#1 time9:58

      San Bernardino County Fire Department El Dorado Fire video part#2 time7:39

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