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      chris in redlands

      Was very bummed to discover that someone has tagged many of the largest boulders below the parking area for Momyer on the south side of Mill Creek. This previously untarnished (as far as tagging goes) area is now filled with eyesores. I took a number of photos, which can be seen here.

      All of this tagging appeared between my visit to the spot on March 14 and my visit there on March 26, when the pictures were taken, so it’s pretty new.

      Is there a way to clean this up? I’d be glad to help.


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      As a Mexican-American this upsets me on many different levels.  “Chivo” means goat or sheep in Spanish.  Obviously this idiots nickname.  All I ask is that the rest of you don’t stereo type Mexicans because of actions like these.  The majority of us were raised to respect nature and are appalled by actions such as these.

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      Its bad enough that the rocks got graffiti’d, but even worse that its ‘Surenos’ and ‘Sur 13’.   Those are gang tags for the ‘Southerners’, a Mexican Mafia affiliated gang that has groups throughout the USA southwest.

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      I was really disappointed to see graffiti at Vivian Creek Camp next to the creek.  Also an open cat hole with toilet paper scattered everywhere.  Shameful that people are spoiling this beautiful area and there needs to be hefty fines imposed on anyone caught doing these things.

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