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      Am noticing alot of former Forum traffic moving over to the SGWA page on FB.  Not a FB fan–so am sticking with the “old ways” here.  Come on, amigos: let’s keep this forum popping!

      Several days ago was up and down Falls Creek Trail en route to Nowhere Fast.  Water remains plentiful at all the usual spots–and then some! (even the minor unnamed seasonal springs were still flowing).  Fall colors are starting to fill in:

      Two spots to note for those heading thataway esp. with heavier overnight packs.  Also sending out to Bob W and his amazing trail crew, who likely already know about these spots but anyway…

      .7m north of the Lower Momeyer/Falls Creek junction, the trailbed is sliding out in a short, 20′ or so loose section.  Saw evidence of other hikers having slipped downslope.  Those heading to overnight at Saxon Camp take heed here–kinda tricky footing and steeper than image indicates.

      There were (only) three trees down cross-trail.  Two step-overs, then this guy–.1m south of the Dollar Saddle junction, around 48″ high.  Some are evidently scraping up&over it, some scooching under it–and  a number of others are eroding a loose use trail around the downslope side:

      If you have the range–and remaining hours–(what with the dwindling daylight) i can highly recommend this zone as a refreshing solitude antidote to the weekend zoos currently encountered on San Bernardino Peak and Vivian trails.

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      +1 on avoiding Facebook. Between Zuckerberg’s superiority complex, that they sell all your data links, and that their security is abysmal, I deleted my Facebook account earlier this year. But a lot of outdoor sites like this are quiet lately; late season… I’m heading up to the high country soon, will post a TR afterward.

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      Thanks for the report.  I don’t do facebook so this (and reddit) is where I get most of my trail info for this area.

      Had been busy  planning my Whitney trip so I haven’t done much other hiking but that should start to change… at least until there’s too much snow for me.

      I’ve never been on the Fish Creek trail so I’m looking forward to checking it out soon.


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