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      Trailhead road: generally good condition from Hwy 38 to trailhead. There is one (Dry) creek crossing about a mile from the highway that’s pretty rough and probably demands high clearance, but otherwise totally Prius-able.

      Fish Creek trail: good condition with a few windthrows. Ample water over trail at Middle and West fork crossings, but NOT up above the crossing where the trail switchbacks near the creek (saw one group hunting for water there).

      CAUTION: Someone has elaborately cairned and rock-lined the old trail that drops down from Fish Creek Saddle to Lodgepole Spring/Dry Lake to the point where it looks like the main trail and the real trail to Mineshaft Saddle isn’t apparent. It’s easy to start following the old trail toward Dry Lake without ever seeing the main route. I added cairns and rock lining to the real trail and an arrow for SanG to the trail sign to make the choice more obvious; hopefully no one will make the same mistake I did and lose a bunch of elevation unnecessarily.


      Sky High trail from Mineshaft Saddle to Summit: a few short snow crossings, all extensively boot-tracked and easy. Absolutely no water running over the trail despite all the snow. A couple of easy-to-navigate windthrows.

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      Thanks Eric.

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