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      Hi all,

      Packed up both huskies (and my wife this time!) and headed up to Fish Creek Saddle from the Fish Creek Trailhead.

      Road to the trailhead was in good condition.  High clearance vehicles advised, but I would think any CUV, small SUV would be fine.  We took our Crosstrek and had no issues.

      There was a couple other Crosstreks, a Murano and a Rav4 at the trailhead.

      Trail is in good condition.  No snow.  A few trees to work around, a couple minor sketchy parts but nothing crazy.

      Water in the usual places – two spots before Fish Creek Camp) and one about .5 miles past Fish Creek Camp.

      We did not pack up extra water, choosing to go down toward Dry Lake to Lodgepole Spring to fill up after setting up camp. Not sure which is better.  It’s about 3 miles from the last water source to Fish Creek Saddle, more gradual elevation, but you would have your whole pack.

      It’s 1.5 miles round trip down to Lodgepole Spring from Fish Creek Saddle, downhill to the spring and a pretty steep hike back.  But all you would be carrying would be the water.

      Also, Lodgepole Spring is running pretty well now, but I wouldn’t count on it later in the season unless we get some rain.

      I’ll post a one pic here and more in additional posts since I think I can post one without the forum software flagging the entire post for approval.

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      Another pic.

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      Sleepy huskies…

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      Thanks for the fresh updates on the road and trail, Mike. Impressive that your setup accomodates the two of you and both big Huskies–and you’re still able to get some sleep!  That’s pretty cool.

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      Funny you should mention the tent.  Neither of us got much sleep.  A possible case of altitude sickness (headache, nausea) and the crowding in there made it a tight fit.

      The tent is a Big Agnes Copper Spur UL3 HV.  It probably would have been a little better fit had we had our heads at the narrower end instead of the wider end.  That way, with our feet at the wider end, the dogs wouldn’t have crowded us so much.

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