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      Hi all,

      Thinking of taking Fish Creek trail to San Gorgonio now that the road is open.

      Anyone been on the trail recently to give a report on its condition?

      Also, according to the note on the main page, camping is not allowed at Fish Creek or the Saddle, but permits show up as available on the calendar.

      I actually would like to camp at the summit, but thought I might need a plan B if the hike up doesn’t go as planned.

      Thanks for any information.

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      Hi Mike:

      I was hiked out of the Fish Creek Trailhead last Friday (10/18/19).  My daughter and I hiked up to Fish Creek Saddle, and then to Grinnell Mountain on a use trail.  The trail was fine up to the saddle, but obviously I can’t tell you how it was past that point.  There were no other hikers up there, but I did see two pairs of hunters.

      The road up is a fairly rough dirt road with high clearance recommended for vehicles.  I took my CRV all-wheel drive and did fine, though it was very slow going.

      I don’t know what the camping regulations are.  If permits are available, it may be fine. You could always check with a ranger.

      Have fun!



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      Ranger Lon

      I have corrected the information on the website. As of 10/5/19, all trails are currently open and all trail camps are available (depending on quotas.)

      The only caveat I would still throw out is that the Lost Creek trail is basically gone. Recent visitors posted that they tried to follow the trail but it became too difficult to figure out where it went.

      We have not had any reports back from Fish Creek trail this year, so I’m still looking for any info we can get on water at the origin of Fish Creek (above Fish Creek camp) and any details about down trees or other issues on the trail. Had a couple of guys up at Fish Creek Saddle last weekend and am hoping they left me some info at Mill Creek. I’ll post an update if/when I get more.

      Hope that helps.

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        Ranger Lon:

        There were a few down trees on the trail, which can be expected given the fire damage.  The trail as a whole was decent, certainly not as good as most of the other trails in the San Gorgonio Wilderness, but passable and enjoyable.

        As mentioned, I did see two pairs of hunters (bow and rifle) on my hike on Friday, 10/18/19.  I assume that is allowed this time of year.  No problems encountered.

        Water was flowing nicely in Fish Creek.  I saw an occupied campsite near the second stream crossing.  But it was a very quiet day.  Hope that helps.

        Hiker Dan

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      Thanks Dan and Lon,

      We just purchased a Subaru Crosstrek so the rougher trails should be a bit easier to travel than they were with my Civic. 🙂

      Dan- was there water available on the part of the trail you traveled?  It appears there would be two points- the last being around Fish Creek Camp.  But none past there.

      Thanks for the note about the hunters.  I ran into some hunters last year or the year before and thought it might be a good idea to wear a brightly colored hat, or hang a bright towel etc during hunting season.

      Water carrying might be rough for this trip.  A better plan might be to setup camp at Fish Creek Saddle and summit the next morning with a lighter pack.

      Could even do Vivian Creek since I’ve never done that trail- although I tend to lean more toward the less- traveled trails when I can.

      Lon- I’ll be sure to report back with pictures etc whichever trail I decide to take.

      Thanks again.

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      Hi Mike:

      There was water flowing nicely in Fish Creek, below the main camp and at the second crossing.  I’d guess that was approximately two miles in.  There was no water past that point.  I did hike a little past Fish Creek Saddle, and the trail was fine.  We didn’t go all the way to Mine Shaft Saddle, but it looked fine.  We were concerned that we’d run out of daylight on the return trip, so we turned around.

      I don’t know if Lodgepole Spring is flowing, but it’s only about a mile below Fish Creek Saddle.  If you do go that route, let me know if there is still water there.

      High Creek (off Vivian Creek) sounds like a long way to go for water.  There is quite a bit of elevation loss and gain if you have to return back to Fish Creek.

      Hope that helps.  Have fun!



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      Thanks Dan.   That does help.  I’ll just huff and puff a little more with the added weight of the water.

      Re: Vivian Creek- I meant I could take the Vivian Creek Trail instead of the Fish Creek Trail if I was too concerned with carrying water. 🙂

      I’m 99% sure there is still water flowing at Lodgepole Spring and there is definitely water still in Dry Lake (just watched a video of a guy who took Fish Creek down to Dry Lake on 9/22 and the lake had a ton of water still).

      Thanks again.

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