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      Is there any foresight as to when these local forests will open backup? They have virtually closed every part of the forest either due to recent fires or “fire danger”. Once again the government is restricting rights under the blanket of making people “safe”. I get it is California and people ruin it, but come on. Almost every single campground is closed, yellow post camping is still prohibited and the entire wilderness is closed from what I am hearing until October of next year. Anyone with input is appreciated.

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      chris in redlands

      You may want to try contacting the forest service and asking them. in the past, information about these closures has been pretty scarce until they actually were adjusted, and even then, the forest service doesn’t broadcast it (but the SGWA is quick to announce changes to the status of the wilderness here, and on this site’s front page).

      You won’t find much in the way of updates about USFS campgrounds and yellow post sites here though. those are not in the wilderness. I feel like the SGWA shares our frustration in the scarcity of information about when and how the forest will re-open. Aside from contacting the USFS directly, I don’t know that there’s much else to do.

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