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      Hi all,


      Cliffs Notes:

      Counter clockwise route of Forsee Creek Trail.

      First night: Camped at Limber Pine Bench- water available.

      Second night: Camped at Trail Fork Springs- Water available- slow but enough- by walking down the trail and then down to the creek below.

      Some details:

      Camped this weekend for a couple nights in the mountains with our husky, Mika.

      Parked at the Forsee Creek Trailhead.  Road to the trailhead is a bit rough.  I always cringe while going up in my civic, but it has made it twice now.  I’d still rather have something with more clearance and better tires.

      Went up the John’s Meadow trail and stayed the first night at  Limber Pine Bench.  No issues with the trail, other than a little route finding down by the river where the vegetation is growing like crazy.  Cross over the farthest log and you’ll see the path through the grass.

      There is water at Limber Pine (see pic) in the usual spot.  Weather, while a bit windy (no surprise for LP), was great.  We arrived around 6:00pm so it was starting to cool down nicely.

      Packed up in the morning and hit San Bernardino Peak and SB Peak East on our way to Trail Fork Springs.  I was cautioned by the ranger at Mill Creek Station that there was very little water flowing from the pipe at TF Springs so I packed extra (ughh) enough water at Limber Pine.

      Made it to TF Springs camp with no issue.  Had the place to ourselves.  Our tentative plans to go to San Gorgonio that day were set aside as both Mika and I were tired.  I never sleep well while camping and she was tired from the hike.

      I could not find the water pipe but walking down the trail a bit, there was enough water in the little creek to filter from.

      Packed up in the morning and hiked out before it got too hot. All in all a great trip.





      Trail Fork Springs water source #1

      Trail Fork Springs water source

      Trail Fork Springs Water Source #2

      Trail Fork Springs water source 2



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      I enjoyed reading the trip report! Thanks.

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