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      Went up to SB and SBE on 6/3. Trail is clear minus trees (more on that later) up to about 9,500.’

      After that, there is significant snow up until you hit the SB Peak Divide Trail. It is soft enough that you can’t really go over it due to the posthole factor. It doesn’t affect navigation at all, but it certainly is annoying working around it. It is not icy at all, and I did not use nor need spikes. Once on the divide proper there is minimal snow to speak of.

      There are a number of trees, seven or eight of them,  down on the trail. I have pics and GPS coordinates of most of them. If someone can let me know how to get this information to the appropriate folks I am happy to do so.

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      Thanks for the report.

      You can upload pics to posts by clicking on the image icon – next to the link icon (below the words “Visual” and “Text” in the formatting bar.

      For GPS coordinates, you could type them into a post here and the volunteers and trail crew will see it.

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        Hikin Jim

        I’ve had trouble posting pics.  I think maybe I have too high a resolution setting on my camera, and, consequently, they’re just too large to upload.

        I suppose one could use email although that has size limitations too.

        Maybe post coordinates and the people will inquire further if they’re interested?


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