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      I’m planning to drive to the Sugarloaf Mountain trailhead on 2N93 for a day hike to the peak and wondered if anyone here had been on this road this year.  I’ll be driving my ’21 Outback, which has a bit over 8 inches of ground clearance, so I’m hoping that is sufficient for this road.  Any info on this road would be most appreciated.

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      Hello Webdweeb,

      I don’t know if you already attempted this yet?

      USFS 2N93 is Wildhorse Meadow Road near Heart Bar side has been closed for some time. The Big Bear side is usually open to Wildhorse Meadow. It is a dirt road all the way and is usually in decent shape. But you never know after winter?

      Please summit any comments on road details.

      SGWA volunteer

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      Shawn, thanks for the input.  I drove the first mile of this road when I was in the area the week before Memorial Day-the road was very rough, much rougher than the Skyline Road we drove instead (which skirts south of Bear Mountain an Snow Summit ski resorts).  No major road washouts or big berms, but lots of very pointy rocks, which was worrisome for me since I did not have AT tires (just the stock AS tires), so I bailed.  The rocks (probably viewed as large gravel to a true OHV enthusiast!) may have been an effort to regrade the road since it looked fairly recent, but in any event it was too much for my Subie and me.

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      My Subie & Me,

      Sorry to hear about the road status. The USFS 2N93 road is part of the San Bernardino National Forest Mountain Top District. You could try calling them and giving them the road conditions you experienced. Also maybe they will know when the road might be graded or repaired to Wildhorse Meadows?

      Mountaintop Ranger District & Discovery Center
      41374 North Shore Drive, Highway 38
      Fawnskin, CA 92333

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