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      The South Fork Trail to Grinnell Ridge Camp was made passable by SGWA Trailcrews about 2 weeks ago. SWGA  re-establish the trail by relocating tread, clearing of lots of buckthorn and removing many blocking trees. But it does have a few trees that still require climbing over.

      There are some stunning views of the South Fork River and San Gorgonio Peak along the Lost Creek Trail. Note that the Lost Creek Trail is still not passable to South Fork Camp. Also nearest water for Grinnell Ridge Camp is where the Lost Creek Trail crosses the South Fork River about a mile from the camp.

      Hope you can enjoy this camp this winter since it is exposed to sunshine most of the day thus keeping less snow on the ground even though it is at 8000ft.

      SGWA volunteer

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      Awesome.  Never been to that camp.

      Thanks for posting and thanks to all the trail crew members who clean up the trails for us.

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