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      Hi all,

      Hoping to do Hikin’ Jim’s Grand Tour Loop within the next month but would plan on taking Forsee Creek Trail instead of going to Limber Pine (I’ve been there already).  If I can swing it, it will be a 4 day/ 3 night trip.

      His guide has the loop starting at the South Fork TH to Lodgepole Pine (first camp).  Then on to San Gorgonio and through to High Meadow (second camp).  He has Limber Pine next, but I would take Forsee Creek.  Not sure where my 3rd night would be yet.

      Thought I’d post here to make sure I wasn’t missing any closures etc I should know about.  I’ve done two overnights so far (San Jacinto and San Bernardino) and was hoping to stretch my trail legs a bit with a multi-night hike.

      Thanks for any thoughts.


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      Jackstraw is very nice and is a very short spur. That’s probably what I would do. If you don’t like that idea then you can also go back by way of the trace trail going down from Columbine. Either way you win.


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