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      chris in redlands

      A couple of months ago I added a note to the new interactive map that the tread on Momyer just west of Alger Creek was in disrepair. Sometime in the last couple of weeks the volunteers got up there and did just an outstanding job of repairing it! I was really impressed!

      Not sure if it was the pin on the map that led them to the spot, but if so, the map is working! The picture below doesn’t do it justice, but this is a switchback that was really going “back to nature.” It, and lengths of the trail just before and after it are in remarkably better shape today than they were a couple of weeks ago.


      Kudos to the trail crews! Thanks!


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      Looks great!  Seen some other before and after photos of the work that the trail crews do.  Amazing stuff.  Sure appreciate their efforts.

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