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      chris in redlands

      PE Article

      Apparently, the decision to renew the closures was based on reports from BAER:

      The BAER team’s reports are guiding a forest leadership team’s decisions to help protect the wild area, cultural resources, roads and trails, and the public by determining what should remain closed, what to reopen and when. The reports also help get funding for repairs and storm-proofing the trail system, said San Bernardino National Forest Hydrologist Robert Taylor, the forest’s BAER team coordinator.

      I would like to read these reports, but a quick search of the internet in general and the BAER website returned nothing.

      Does anyone know if these reports can be found online?


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      chris in redlands

      Also, it’s worth reading the reports that came out last year, if you haven’t already. They include a couple of pdf files. The report itself is interesting, though the powerpoint presentation is pretty useless without the context of the presentation.

      I would assume that this is where they would eventually share the newer reports that they used in deciding to extend the closures, but since they still haven’t posted any of the “BAER assessment specialist reports” that they said would be “coming soon” more than a year ago, I think I’ll have to find them elsewhere.

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