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      Good morning

      I was wondering how the water situation was at Fish Creek camp? I’ll be taking a group of scouts up there this weekend and need to know how much we should bring.



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      Hi Matt,

      I know this isn’t the first-hand knowledge you were probably hoping for, but I would guess there is most likely not water at Fish Creek Camp, but there would be water about .25-5 miles  or so past the camp as that is generally pretty reliable.

      On the water sources page of this website, I saw this note about the upper water source:

      Fish Creek Camp:  Stream crosses trail .5 miles up from camp.  6/13/2021: stream is flowing well.

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      On 06/25/2021 there was water flowing across the trail not far past Fish Creek Camp.

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      Just did a trip here on July 15/16. The spring about a half-mile past camp was still flowing. The flow was pretty weak and shallow. I was worried my gravity filter bag would catch a bunch of mud and debris. I was able to fill it up by holding it beneath a one foot drop. Filled up my 6 liter filter bag in about two minutes.

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      One point. My son and I filtered there last Saturday. As we were just about to begin, my son noticed an oily sheen on the water. We went further up until we didn’t see anything. So just take a look before you take water.

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      Sean Rollins

      Does anyone have an update for this water supply since TallSquirrel and BrainD? At this point it seems like a risk to depend on it.

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