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      Saxton Camp: Be on the lookout for a Zpacks tent stake baggy filled with 6 Vargo TI nail stakes and 2 Zpacks shepherds hook stakes.  If found, I will pay return shipping and reward for finder/good samaritin. Left at saxton camp, I stayed down to the right underneath one of the giant trees on the back side of camp.

      WATER REPORT: (8/30/19 – 9/2/19)

      Forsee Creek Trail:  All springs along this trail appeared dry, with wet spots on trail that could possibly have been dug up to pool water. not recommended.

      Jackstraw Springs Camp: Decent water flow in two locations right next to camp.  One right before and one about a 1 minute walk past the first.  The second location offered better water, and these sources are right at the trail itself.  Flowing enough to allow water collection in befree bottle, small mouth opening bottles may need a scoop of some sort.  My group filtered 12 liters from there very easily without depletion of resources.

      Trail Fork Springs: Water flow here was not great, maybe 1 drop per second out of the spring hose, but the pool beneath had a nice trickle as it flowed down which allowed for easy water collection.  Took maybe 1 minute to fill my befree bottle, didn’t need a scoop but would HIGHLY recommend one.  Again, group was able to filter roughly 2-3 liters a person without resource depletion.  It was muddy and buggy at the spring, you have to hike into the foliage and up to the left about 20-30 ft to get to the water source.  You can’t miss it.

      From Dollar Lake Saddle to Saxton/Dobbs Via Falls Creek Trail:

      4 springs along the falls creek trail.  All of which were flowing very nicely, able to instantly fill your water bottle without a scoop necessary at all locations.  Great water resources above and below saxton camp.  Though we did not visit dobbs, we could hear the water flowing to dobbs, but I cannot confirm as I did not physically lay my eyes upon it.  And of course water at base of falls creek was flowing very well.

      I hope you found this information useful, and I hope somebody finds my tent stakes and bag.  I feel terrible for leaving something behind in the wilderness, and figured I would put out a BOLO to see if any hikers/rangers were in the area.  I know I would do the same for others so, hopefully someone will do the same for me.

      Thanks for this great group and greater community of rangers and backpackers who inhabit this wonderful slice of wilderness.

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      If baggy found: Email ultralightbackpacker@aol.com

      or text/call 949-302-8958 and leave a message!

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      Great report.  Thanks.

      If you haven’t already, you may want to post on reddit’s socalhiking forum regarding your missing stakes.

      If you’re not a member, let me know if you want me to do it for you.   No problem at all.

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