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      Hey wondering if Jenks Lake Road is plowed in the winter-thinking of hiking/snowshoeing/camping up Forsee trail or SF but checking on access. If not plowed is there overnight parking at Jenks Lake Road junction?


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      Ranger Lon

      Yes, the county plows Jenks Lake Road. Be careful as the snow melt refreezes overnight on the roadway and you will find very slick conditions until mid day. Also be wary of the South Fork trailhead parking lot as it does not get plowed so there will be ice and snow to avoid there. I was given a report last Saturday that the snow on the trail was about knee deep in the first 2 miles. He also spoke with some skiers at Poopout Hill that told him there was waist deep powder up between South Fork Meadow and Dry Lake. Hope that helps.

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      Thanks, Ranger Lon- that definitely helps! Happy New Year to you!

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      2 of us are planning to go this Saturday to Dry Lake via South Fork trail.

      Its going to get warmer in the next few days, I hope we still have snow and it doesn’t become to slushy. If any one has any updated information it will be appreciated. Thanks!

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        Would love to hear a report of what conditions are like when you go up. Looking at going up on the 12th to Dry lake to go snowshoeing.

        Should be good for us since the forecast is all sun until then though.

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