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      Me and my Son-in-law spent the night up at Limber Pine Friday night. Trail up was in good condition was kinda bummed to see all the burn scars from the fire but was glad to see the new growth already starting to grow back.  On the way up we saw a deer and also seen a bobcat walking toward me on the trail. I saw him but he didnt see me, I let him get to about 10 feet from me before I moved to let him know I was there as soon as he saw me he ran off. That was just awsome to see up close. Made it up to camp right before sunset and had the whole place to our selves. The city lights are beautiful from up there. Went ahead and hiked over to Limber pine spring to make sure we were gonna have enough water. We were glad to see there was plenty of water to filter. Right before we called it a night an owl flew into the tree above my tent and he sat there for about 10 mins and watched us what a treat!!! Got an amazing night sleep. Got up Saturday and hiked up to the San Bernardino Peak did not stay long could see the thunder storm moving in. Made it back to camp just in time to gather our things and start heading down the mountain. We didnt make it down fast enough we got pretty soaked from the storm and the thunder and lighting was kinda scary but we made it. What a great overnight experience in the back country, the wildlife did not disappoint even the thunder storm didnt disappoint!!! As of 8-13-22 there is plenty of water at Limber Pine Spring. Thanks for reading.

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      Thanks for the post. It sounds like it was a great trip!

      Question – did you start out at Angelus Oaks or Forsee?


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      Thanks for the report, BrianD.

      It sounds like it was a good trip on the San Bernardino Peak trail.

      Hwy 38 was still closed last weekend but is open to Angelus Oaks and forest road 1N51 to San Bernardino Peak trailhead.

      It sounds like you were lucky with the weather because there was a flash flood in Forest Falls on Sunday 8/14.

      SGWA volunteer

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      Sorry, yes we started at the trailhead at Angelus Oaks- San Bernardino Peak Trail.

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      Sounds like a great trip, Brian.  Thanks for the report.

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      hiker girl

      Yes; agreed!  You got to see some very cool critters!  And having the mountain to yourselves is so amazing!

      A really awesome adventure for you both!  Thanks for sharing.

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      Mike M

      Heading up there this weekend.  Weather looks good/cooler…hoping the spring is still flowing a little.

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