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      Disclaimer: This post is just to help trail crews know conditions and where the trees are located.  It is not a complaint or a request to get work done! 🙂

      On Saturday there were 4 trees down on the trail above SF Meadows heading towards DLS.  All were easy to get around so they pose no real problems at all. One is even kinda cool in appearance and makes a nice ornament.

      Anyway, at about 2.5 mile from Poopout Hill there is a skinny (maybe 10″ diameter” tree lying across the trail on another log.  It can be stepped over easily enough. It was unremarkable and I did not take a picture. From about 3.25 miles to just over 3.5 miles there was a series of three down trees.  See pics below.

      And my favorite, which looks like some monstrous bug about to eat you as you come up the trail…

      The first one is actually only a couple of large branches that were just a little too heavy for one person to pick up and move alone.  Two or three people can probably just lift them out of the way. In any case, beware of the monster trail bug!


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      Thanks for the information! SGWA has a trail project scheduled in August for the Dollar Lake Trail. Looks like they will have a good time.

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      Ranger Steve

      Your giant trail bug has been shortened and is now a happy tree because it is not on the trail anymore.

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      Wow, that was quick!  Thanks to all who did the hard work!


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