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      Does anyone have current water availability reports for Lodgepole Spring and the spring at Dollar Lake? I’m heading up there this weekend and would like to confirm water availability. Thank you.

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      The Lodgepole Spring and Dollar Lake Spring have been reported as dry but it could be they couldn’t find them.

      So you should just bring enough water for your trip.

      If you are spending the night then it is very important to know the nearest water which might be South Fork Meadow crossing.

      Also there are some very little springs on or near those trails but not close enough for either camp.

      Hopefully someone else will reply with finding some drinkable water near Dry Lake or Dollar Lake?

      SGWA volunteer

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      Chilly Mountaineer

      Hey Gang,
      Water is at both locations as of Sunday. If you”ve not been to Dollar as of late, drop down into the lake bed and head to the west end. There’s a small trail that leads up about a hundred feet thriugh the bramble. Stop and listen and you’ll hear it. Lodgepole was reported as flowing just a short bit higher up.
      Have fun!

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      Thanks, everyone. I’m looking forward to it!

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