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      Ranger Lon

      I will be stepping back into the ranks of volunteers effective June 1 2020, and will be handing off my Mill Creek responsibilities to Ranger Roxie. I have plans to sell and move out of state (if things open up enough to do so) and so I need to take a less active role in SGWA while I am still around to help those taking over.

      Just wanted to say a fond farewell to all the regulars that check the forum and say a big “Thanks” again to the people that help answer questions that come in here. Chris, Hikin Jim, Mike H (Mika and Max) and many others as well as all of my brothers and sisters in SGWA who have done a good job of keeping people safe in the wilderness by answering questions. I couldn’t leave without letting you all know how much I appreciated your timely and detailed updates.

      Again, I’m not going anywhere too soon and I’ll probably stick my nose in from time to time, but Roxie and others will be responding to permit requests and most email questions.

      As I told Jim recently, I need to get out and walk the neighborhood so I can get back into shape and maybe run up to Fish Creek and see the trail again before we move as I have not been up there since before the Lake Fire. Maybe I’ll see you on the trails.



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      chris in redlands

      Sorry to hear it, but on to new adventures! Hope the madness of the times doesn’t impede your progress toward realizing all your goals. I’ll be looking forward to updates on your future successes here, if you have time to share them.

      Thanks for being a voice of reason and reliable information and for doing the thankless tasks associated with managing the permit requests. That hard work is appreciated by more people than is probably obvious.

      See you out there for sure!

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      Ranger Lon,

      Thanks for the update.  Sorry to hear you’re leaving.  But happy that you are moving on to another adventure.

      Really appreciate all the information and help over the last couple years.  My short time backpacking has given me a greater appreciation for the work done by the Rangers, trail staff and all the various volunteers.

      Maybe the huskies and I will see you on the trail before you leave to say farewell in person.  If not, best wishes for whatever the future holds for you.

      All the best.

      Mike, Max and Mika.

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      Ben Parker

      Ranger Lon, thanks for all the valuable information and insights you have shared in this forum. You will be missed. Best of luck in your new endeavors!

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      Thank you so much for everything you do! You’ve been so incredibly helpful educating and responding to the posters on here and I know countless adventurers have benefited from your timely updates, responses and great advice.

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      Hey Lon,

      Before you go, can you approve my trail report to Fish Creek Camp. 🙂

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      Hikin Jim

      Well, not the happiest news for us, but I hope that it’s the start of new and good things for you.


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      Say it ain’t so, Ranger Lon!

      All things must pass and so too your time at the helm.  Many thanks for really stepping into the fore after the Lake Fire and always providing clarity and reliable direction to the inquiring public.

      We all do wish you the best in your next chapter—please do let everyone know where you wind up and drop into the forum discussions whenever you’re able!

      Best Wishes,

      Steve B

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      Ranger Lon

      There you go Mike


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      🙂  Thanks!

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