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      chris in redlands

      Was up to around 9,000 ft on the Momyer Creek trail yesterday, and I’m pleased to report that the trail is fighting back against the good efforts of the SGWA trail crew who bucked a number of big blow-downs a couple of years ago. Ha! Between the junction above the wilderness sign and 9k ft there are at least 15 or 20 trees that have fallen onto or across the trail in the last three months, presumably around the valentine’s day storms (?).

      In any event, if the crosscut saw crew was looking for something to do, they could occupy themselves for a couple of days up there. There’s some really big trees down, including one of the two giant side-by-side ponderosas that really stood out in the section of the trail that goes through the 2011 Momyer fire zone. It’s not what it was 10 years ago, but there’s a better chance today of unsuspecting hikers losing the trail than there was last fall. Here’s how big that ponderosa is:

      Big blow-down on Momyer


      Also, Mill creek is raging. Cross with caution.


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      Thanks for the update, Chris.

      SGWA got rid of a lot of large trees Nov 2017 on that trail above the Alger Creek junction to about 2.5miles up toward San Bernardino East Peak. That part of the trail was 1E06.2 and part of the Momyer Trail 1E06 which is listed on some maps as a trace trail.

      SGWA has a lot of work to do repairing the more popular trails like South Fork and Vivian from the severe storm damage caused by this winter season. Also many of the public still want the re-opening of the Fish Creek Camp. So that causes some less frequented trails to become over grown.

      I am still a big fan of this trail which I call the “San Bernardino East Peak Trail” and hope that will get attention in the future.

      SGWA volunteer

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