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      I’m looking to backpack up on SG in a couple of weeks and Momyer is my favorite trail. Any word on possible reopening by then?

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      chris in redlands

      I’ll second that question. Of all the trails in the wilderness, momyer, the connector to Alger creek, and the falls creek trail are the only trails that have not been impacted by any of the three most recent fires (lake, apple, el dorado). It makes no sense that it remains closed.

      Also, it galls to see the silly, unauthorized, year old homemade blockade keeping the momyer parking area closed, I assume on the premise that it’s okay because the trail remains closed? The San Bernardino national forest is really magical in their continued and consistent refusal to inform the public about anything at all, especially things related to recreation. It embarrassing, frankly. Sometimes, I think they forget who they work for.

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      Chris–I’d suggest calling the SBNF office @ (909) 382-2682, leave a VM  for Public Affairs Officer Zach Behrens stating purpose of your call.  I’ve found him to be quite responsive and straight-shooting.  Last time we spoke (early Mar?) he laid out the plans for imminent post-El Dorado reopenings and they happened just as he had described.  At that time the NFS was hopeful for a reopening of Momyer/Falls Creek by or before this fall.  The issue then being that sections of the ridge above burned and liability concerns then arise relating to potential rockfall and mudsliding down-canyon below ESB peak, should any heavy summer monsoonal systems blast through.  Also–looks to me (on latest goog-sat images) like there remains alot of non-degraded Phos-Chek residue all along the ridge where Calfire made their epic N-S stand.  This past winter’s precip apparently wasn’t sufficient to clear it all out (but still, that shouldn’t affect hiking and water along Falls Creek up to Saxon/Dollar, so long as upper slopes above Upper Momyer/Alger section remain stable).  My favorite TH post-Lake Fire so am just as keen as you to see it reopened ASAP!  Steve B.

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      Ranger Roxie

      The Momyer trail reopened on 7/23/21.

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      The Momyer Trailhead to Dobbs Cabin Camp is still in good condition. There were a few down trees crossing the trail but SGWA trailcrew were to remove them last Saturday 07/24.

      There is water at Alger Creek Camp & Dobbs Cabin Camp.

      SGWA volunteer

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