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      Hi all,

      Noticed there was no Summit option on the permit starting at Fish Creek/ Aspen Grove.

      Is the option missing or just not… an option. 🙂


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      Hi MikeH,

      The “Overnight Permit”  is done by selecting a campsites “Start date” & “End date” which you can select multiples of and from different trailheads that are nearest to that campsite.

      The selecting of a trailhead on an “Overnight Permit” doesn’t necessarily mean you are starting or ending from that trailhead. But on a “Day Hike Permit” you are selecting the trailhead only.

      Hope that helps,

      SGWA volunteer

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      Thanks Shawn,

      I think I understand…

      So let’s say I want to stay at the summit.  I choose overnight permit and select a date.  On the next screen, I’m prompted to choose an “area”, not a trailhead.

      If I choose Fish Creek/ Aspen Grove, “Summit” doesn’t come up so I’d change the area in the pull-down menu to South Fork/ Lost Creek (or Vivian Creek) to be able to select “Summit”.

      Once I’ve selected my start and end dates and submit the request, (assuming the request is honored) I’ve reserved a Summit campsite but can start from any trailhead to get there…. ?

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      Mike —

      My recollection from a number of years ago is that there are two separate types of camping permit.  Most people stay in what are listed as campgrounds, such as Vivian or High Creek, and for which the normal permits are assigned.  The summit area is not considered a campround.  It is covered by what was, I think, called wilderness camping.  There are separate permits and regulations for wilderness camping.

      Since the Mill Creek Visitor Center is now open, I recommend that you call them for information on the relevant permit.

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      On the new permit system “Summit” shows as a campsite selection option from either Vivian or SF/LC trailheads (7 permits ttl/day).  That it isn’t listed from Aspen/FC is surely just a webpage oversight and likely soon–if not already–to be on Cindi J’s bugfix list.  Thanks to all involved in developing this new online permit process!

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      Hi all,  sorry about the summit option/Fish Creek trail issue. We’re looking at it. Our permit app guy is doing cool things this summer so it may be a little while before we can capture him again and put him back to work. In the meantime, as Shawn said, you can pick another trailhead that does have the Summit camp as an option.

      To address Ted S.’s comment, the Summit camp is a camp just like Lodgepole or High Creek, you don’t have to have yet another permit.

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      Thanks Cyndi. 🙂

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