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      Ranger Lon

      From Yucaipa PD Facebook May 2 2020:

      Over the last few weeks, we have received an increasing number of calls from residents of our mountain communities about parking issues, trespassing, disturbances and other quality of life crimes. #YucaipaPD assigned a deputy to the mountain communities today specifically to look for and address these quality of life crimes. The deputy reported Forest Falls was extremely busy and found dozens of cars illegally parked all throughout the community. 30 cars were issued citations for parking violations and several calls were handling about parking issues and trespassing.
      While some areas of the National Forest remain open, we ask that people park only where it is safe and legal to do so. Utilize USFS parking lots whenever possible.
      We will have deputies in the mountain communities again tomorrow. Please make everyone’s day safer and better by being courteous and following the law.

      No Parking Sign

      Maybe don’t park where it is clearly posted?


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      Thanks Ranger Lon,

      Sorry you all have to deal with this.  When the trailheads/ trails get shut down, these people will shrug and say, “I didn’t know it was a problem to park illegally” and move on to somewhere else.  Meanwhile it ruins it for the rest of us.

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