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      Hi all,

      Sent this question to the permit office but thought I’d post it here in case others had the same question.

      Evidently, I’m still not exactly sure on how to choose a permit.

      I would like to overnight camp at Cucamonga Peak but start from the Middle Fork Trail.

      Do I choose the Overnight Cucamonga or Middle Fork permit?

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      Hi MikeH,

      It is a little confusing but here is how.

      SGWA Permits-> Overnight Permit-> Starting Date-> Camp Sites [Cucamonga Peak = Any camp spot on the Cucamonga Trail (ex.ThePeak) or Middle Fork Trail (ex.ThirdStream, Commanche )]: Pack In Date & Pack Out Date for each-> Starting Trailhead: Middle Fork Trailhead or Cucamonga Peak Trailhead which is near Icehouse Saddle by way of Icehouse Canyon or  3 Ts.

      Hope this helps, SGWA volunteer

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      Thanks Shawn.

      I should have selected in and out dates and clicked submit before I posted this question.  I would have seen the Starting Trailhead option which would have cleared up my confusion. 🙂

      Appreciate your help as always.


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