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      How long is the average turn around to approval for an overnight permit sent via email? I’ve never done it this way as i have always filled one out at the Ranger station. My dates are approaching soon and I’d like to know sooner rather than later what route and if it is approved or denied.
      Thank you.

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      Ranger Lon

      Normally you get a permit in a day or two, unless you send it late Sunday and it waits until someone comes in on Thursday to process it. This is why we normally say to allow 5 days to process, because the office is closed some days of the week.

      Right now with the COVID closure, I am processing the permits remotely from home EVERY DAY. If you send it today, the longest it should take is 1 day because I normally process the mailbox between 10AM and 1PM each day. Also pay attention to the Permit Availability calendar on our website, but keep in mind that I am getting something like 20 to 30 requests each day and even though I update the calendar as I process permits, there may be  other people who sent a request for the camp you wanted before you sent yours in.

      Most permit requests are being approved so far, but I am getting more each day that I cannot approve due to camps being already full.

      Keep that in mind if you think you are going to get away from crowds during this time – some of the camps are getting crowded on weekends in particular.

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      Does it matter if I e-mail the permit or fax it? I just submitted an application for a permit today via e-mail unsure which would be faster.

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      I applied yesterday via e-mail and got approved today

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      Ranger Lon

      Normally, faxes will get the same response time as an email, but while the office is under this Covid closure you will get a quicker response to an email than to a fax.

      That is because I can remotely process permits that come into the email, but I only get faxes when I go into the office on Saturday to file the week’s permits.

      Naturally things go back to normal when the office reopens (hopefully soon) and when that happens you should be aware that requests that come in late Sunday will wait to be processed when we come back into the office on Thursdays, so be sure to allow a few days for processing when the office goes back to normal operations.

      Hope that helps

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      Hikin Jim

      Actually, there’s a proposal to officially rename Lon to “Lightning Lon”.  My last submission came back so fast, I had to call the Physics Department at UC Berkeley just to get a confirmation.

      Thanks for your service, Lon.


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