PSA- Pack a little bit extra out- even if it's not yours.

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      Forgot to post this from a couple months ago.

      Perhaps a shameless post, but thought I’d post this anyway.

      Took Max on a quick hike after stopping by the Ranger Station to see Lonnie- who was out doing orientation with the  trail crew, I believe, but I hope he got the message I stopped by and said “Thanks!”

      Max and I went to Thurman Flats to check it out.  Pretty cool spot right off the road to wander around.  Nice covered picnic area.

      I almost always have a spare ziplock bag in my pack for “whatever” and for this trip, “whatever” meant packing out other people’s trash.  I suppose if I was on a peak bagging trip, my “other people’s trash” space would be less, but given this was a very short, flat hike it was easy to grab bottles etc.

      The area by the river actually didn’t look too bad, but I still picked up what I came across.

      I suppose this is a simple PSA to say if you see a candy bar wrapper or other trash on the trail, even if it’s not yours, stuff it in your pack and carry it out.

      If you see someone dropping trash on the ground, poke them in the butt with your trekking pole. 😉

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