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      Okay, let’s go over this again.  It’s winter conditions up on Vivian Creek still.  I was up this past weekend.  Getting to Halfway Camp is no problem, mostly dry trail with some snow.  About a mile past Halfway Camp is where it gets dicey.  There are no switchbacks, the trail goes straight up and it’s all ice and snow.  Full crampons and ice axe are mandatory, not micro spikes.  Last weekend I had to help two ladies get down and it was very treacherous, actually having to rope them up to me and chop steps into the ice with my ice axe.  Temperatures are still dropping below freezing at night turning everything to ice.  If you do not know how to use an ice axe do not come up here yet, wait for summer please.  Past High Creek is also no trail, straight up the side of the mountain, full snow and ice.  I have not been to the summit yet so I don’t know what it is like at the top.   I actually had two guys come up over the weekend for a day hike in shorts, running shoes, a water pack, and nothing else!  If you get caught out after dark unplanned, injured or lost, you are going to die if you do not have overnight gear, period!  I’m going up again this Friday through Sunday, staying at High Creek.  Have your permit ready, I will be checking.  See you up there, VERY WELL PREPARED, RIGHT?

      Ranger Dave out.

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      I summitted a couple of weeks ago and ran into a family not even reaching high creek at 3pm when I was heading down.  They had day packs and micro spikes and didn’t know that they still had a couple of miles of hiking before the peak.  I told them that they had another 3miles to reach the summit and that if they planned on making it back before dark they might want to consider stopping at high creek and turning around.  Don’t know what they did in the end but there are definitely people going up who aren’t prepared.

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      Howdy Dave,

      I was part of the 4 man team coming down last Friday after first time summit, saw you leading a couple and a dog up the first snow slope.  We passed two guys in trail runners and vibrum 5 finger toe shoes on the way down. No crampons or axe.  Hope they didn’t give you any trouble.  Good to see you out there, you have a killer job!

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