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      The LA Times has been tracking perennial snow on San Gorgonio for about the past 150 years.  During this time, perennial snow occurs about 1 out of 3 years.  Perennial snow can be defined in two ways – snow on the ground every day of the calendar year or every day of the water year.  The bar is higher for the latter case since it requires two back to back above average snow seasons.  Another requirement is cooler than average summer temperatures.  The last perennial snow year was 2011. Given the above average snow fall in 2018-2019, we have a chance for perennial snow this calendar year, although prospects are dimming due to the summer heat.  Below are photos of the snow pack on the Big Draw on July 20 and Aug 17.  The snow pack looks small now but still a few acres in size.  However, questionable if it can hold on through the rest of the summer and early fall given the amount of thawing in the past 4 weeks.

      Aug 17

      Big Draw snow pack, Jul 20

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