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      Submitting my permit on Monday 7/10/17 through fax for the San Bernardino Peak.

      1)  Are we allowed to camp at the summit?

      2) Any snow left up there?


      Thank you!

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      it’s allowed, but there’s not a lot of space, and certainly not on the summit proper. if you’re looking to camp, stay at limber pine, one of the best camps in the sgwa.

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      As of a week ago, there were scattered patches of snow near the summit but I didn’t see any at the summit camping area itself.  I still saw some patches from a distance two days ago. With a bit of hiking you might be able to find enough snow to melt for water, but it’s likely to have a lot of grit mixed in.

      Winds at the summit are often very strong throughout the night, making tents flap and sleeping difficult.  Camping lower, with trees for shade, much less wind, and nearby water would be far more enjoyable.

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      Thank you both for the response!  That really helps.

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      Camped at Limber Pine July 3-4.  Went to the summit July 3rd.  Did not see any snow.  There was still water at the small creek/ spring .25 miles up the trail from Limber Pine.  I’ve never been there before – it was pretty minimal (link to pic below), but perhaps that’s normal for this time of year.


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      Look at the list of campsite spots elsewhere on this website.  The only summit I know where camping is allowed is San Gorgonio Peak, not at San Bernardino Peak.  Its pretty strictly enforced, too.  Try camping at Limber Pine as someone else mentioned, its not far from the peak.

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