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      My husband and I are planning to do our for overnight backpacking trip. We plan to camp at Limberpine bench and summit San Bernardino Peak before sunrise. Anyone has been up there lately? Trail reports? Gear recommendation? Additionally, do we need a bear canister?

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      Bear canisters are not required but you will want some sort of food protection.

      Last report I saw on Limber Pine was on the San Gorgonio facebook page for May 6th.  It said the trail was basically clear with only patches of snow until a mile or so before limber pine.  Then it was completely covered and you’ll be post-holing the rest of the way.

      I’d imagine Limber Pine still having snow, then and SB Peak being completely snow covered.  You’d probably need crampons, ice axe and possibly snowshoes.

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      Thank you. I have some microspikes and ice axe.

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      Trail heading from turn at Limber Pine CreekTrail to Limber Pine good.  Some small patches of snow just before Limber Pine, but passable.  Camped at Limber Pine night of 5/14.  Were going to summit on morning of 5/15, but started postholing not far up the trail.  Not many tracks on the trail, but some went up along the creek.  We might have made it with snowshoes, but with only spikes and poles we decided to turn.

      We got water from snow run-off just down the hill (right side of camp) rather than trek to the spring/creek.  The spring was running, but getting there is not easy (postholing, snow covered).

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