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      Headed up to SB Peak 6-14.  Once past Limber Pine, large patches of deep snow on north facing parts of trail.  Most of it is soft and I post holed a few times up to my butt.  The peak itself, and trail past Wash Monument, is covered in deep snow.  Saw lots of discarded, broken trekking poles.  Proper snow gear is highly recommended.  Water is abundant, with a creek crossing just before Limber Pine campground, and actually a small creek running through the back side of the campground itself.

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      Thanks for the info!   Been waiting for the snow to melt to get up to the peak.  Need my “redemption” hike after having to turn back a couple months ago.  🙂

      Looks like I’ll wait a bit longer.

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      chris in redlands

      From limber pine bench you can go straight up the ridge to the summit with no special gear.

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