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      hiker girl

      San G from South Fork up Dry Lake down Dollar – anyone done that route recently?  Is Sky High dry and any snow fields up high like where the trail hangs the sharp left?

      Heard Dollar has lots of trees down.  Confirm?  Easy crossing or any big ones?

      Thanks! And wow Dry Lake dried up fast!  Surprised all that ice melted and soaked in so fast!

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      Hi Hiker Girl,

      SGWA trailcrew just last weekend 06/18-19 removed some 30 trees 1-3ft diameter from the South Fork trailhead to Dollar Lake camp junction. South Fork trail should be good to Dollar Lake saddle. But the stormy weather on 06/22 could have brought down a few more since it has now been 7 years ago that they were burned in the 2015 Lake Fire.

      If you run across any big trees blocking the trail that are a little difficult to get around then please report.

      SGWA volunteer

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      hiker girl

      Thanks Shawn for the update!  And HUGE thanks for the trail crews and their manual efforts to remove so many fallen trees/snags!

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