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      I’ve been up San G 5x via Vivian Creek (incl. just this past Sept). I’ve never been up it in the winter. I’ve done snow/ice hiking/climbing (Rainier 2x). San G looks very very white right now. How deep is the snow to the summit? How hard is it to find the trail? I was thinking about going up Vivian Creek Trail with crampons & ice axe sometime in January. Any advice and/or feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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      Ranger Bill

      Conditions change daily. It is too early to give you accurate information.

      Being a popular destination, people will go there as soon as the snow stops and go as far as they can and then some. Therefore, the trail will be beaten in to a degree. However, there are points where it is safer to climb, than to continue on the trail. That is, if you have the basic snow skills, the right gear and land navigation skills.

      If you do not have an accurate report on conditions, it is best to carry all manner of protective gear.

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