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      Summited San Gorgonio today via South Fork and straight up the north face from above dry lake. Epic conditions for climbing. Heavy snow from South Fork Meadows all the way to the summit. It was extremely windy on the summit along with climbing on the North Face. Wind chill was probably in the teens. Awesome day on the mountain wish I could have stayed on the summit longer but it was brutally cold and windy. 661A2F1A-8B8C-45F5-9264-50D14CBCDE5503D1B0B7-3F84-4070-A954-33101F23046123FE0997-C320-44AB-808B-53C21063B47E35F30FF2-51E7-46E2-BCC0-56A80DB2AF8E

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      hiker girl

      Beautiful pics, glad you had a great day and chutes were stable enough to get to the peak!  Did you posthole, use regular axe, high angle or ice climbing tools, and of course crampons?

      Snow is fading fast – we did Dry Lake over to Grinnel Sat 4/2/22; lots less snow than a few weeks ago and tons of burnout now.  Chutes looked like posthole city with the very soft spring snow, Grinnel conditions were great!

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      Nice pics Austin. Looks like you had a great day.

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      With the chute being shaded and it being during a time of low pressure moving through the region , the ice was very firm for climbing on and I did not experience any postholing. I just had my crampons and a normal ice axe, no technical tools needed.

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      Trip reports are always appreciated. Thanks Austin! Looks likes there is zero chance of any remaining snow pack going into the early part of May as in years past. It’s just too darn dry out there…got my fingers crossed for some nice spring rains!

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