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      Santa River Trail 2E03

      The trail starts near Heart Bar Campground and goes all the way to Green Spot Road in Mentone. Then from there is follows the Santa Ana River on a mostly paved road to the ocean on the broader of Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. The mountain part is mostly dirt trail and some dirt road.
      To me the nicest section is the part near the beginning which goes past the Heart Bar Big Meadows to Fish Creek or beyond to South Fork Campground which both have water year round. From there the trail follows Hwy38 or you can cross Hwy38 to East Flat Open Camping Area (off of Jenks Lake East Road) to spent the night. After that you can return the way you came or continue the Santa Ana River Trail to Glass Road which you follow to the Santa Ana River for water access. And return back to Santa Ana River Trail which probably the next water on the trail will be crossing Forsee Creek. The trail after that will get close to Angelus Oak Market or The Oaks Restaurant for refreshments or rent a night at the Angelus Oaks Lodge. The Santa Ana River Trail is temporary closed just pasted Angelus Oaks because of the El Dorado Fire! Otherwise after that is the Thomas Hunting Grounds to spend the night but no water. The rest of the trail after that can be very hot and dry but you could have a car shuttle waiting for you near Green Spot Road. Beware that I don’t know of any safe spots to park a car off of Green Spot Road but maybe at were 1N16 forest road starts.

      The trailhead begins at the beginning of the Santa Ana River Trail near a parking area at the split of 1N02 (road to Heart Bar) and 1N05 (road to Fish Creek) which is about 1 mile pasted Heart Bar Campground. You will see a big Santa Ana River Trail Sign just a few steps from 1N02 road on the 1N05 road.

      Alternate Parking Locations:
      1 – Hwy38 turn outs near start of 1N03 and trail access is about 1 mile following an old road along Fish Creek.
      2 – Near South Fork Campground there is a parking area across Hwy38 at start of 1N45 which the trail runs next to (this is a popular spot for Mt Bikers to start at going west).
      3 – East Flat Camp Area off of Jenks Lake East Road and trail access is about 1 mile from camp area across Hwy38.
      4 – Glass Road there is a 2 car turn out at where the trail crosses the road.
      5 – 7 Oaks Resort if you pay to picnic or camp there is a trace trail across the Santa Ana River to trail.
      6 – Angelus Oaks just near Hwy38 and near front of Oaks Restaurant (ask owner where public parking is that isn’t part of the restaurant) or try to find parking along 1N12 road that the Santa Ana River Trail follows along.


      If you have experienced this trail then please reply with a summary or description.

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