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      SBNF Trails Not In San Gorgonio Wilderness

      1. PCT Trail
      2. Santa Ana River Trail
      3. Wildhorse Trail
      4. Jenks Lake Trail
      5. Mountain Home Road Trail
      6. Middle Fork Trail
      7. San Jacinto Area Trails
      8. Big Bear Area Trails

      These are just some ideas of trails that are open near the SGW.

      If you want further information on trailheads and details then please reply and I will created another forum topic on it.

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      You must be a mind-reader… just got back from Middle Fork.  In the process of posting trip report and pics.

      Oh.. and I’m all ears for info on any of those trails.

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      Might want to double check on Middle Fork? Website says that is still closed:

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      Middle Fork Trail is open.
      You are right that the website lists the status as closed but if you call the Lytle Creek Ranger Station 909-382-2851 they can confirm that it is open. You will need a online permit which can take 3 days to get to hike into the Cucamonga Wilderness which is pass the wilderness sign that is about 2 miles from trailhead. Note that the dirt road is very rough and has deep potholes in places which will require a 4×4 vehicle. Also there no overnight camping currently in the forest.

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      Thanks Shawn.  I posted a trip report but is still waiting for approval.

      I also posted a reply in this thread a bit ago with a link to my trip report on reddit but it appears, since I used a link, that will also need to be approved.

      It’s in the socalhiking section of reddit.

      For anyone going, the roughest section of the road is about 1 mile after the pavement ends.  I and some others parked on the side of the road and walked the 1.75 miles to the trailhead.

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