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      Thanks to all who have reported trail conditions, obstacles and water status.

      Open Trails:

      Vivian Creek:      Open; clear to SG summit with little to no snow.

      South Fork:         Open; still a tough trace trail at beginning near trailhead. Clear to SF meadows with all tree obstacles removed by SGWA trailcrew on 04/10.

      Dry Lake:             Open; no snow, lake water low and not recommended for use. Some water at Lodgepole spring otherwise the closest water is the spring on the trail about 0.5 miles before lake or the creek above SF meadows. Clear to Dry Lake with all tree obstacles removed by SGWA trailcrew on 04/24.

      Dollar Lake:         Open; no snow, no lake water. Closest water is spring on the trail about 0.2 miles before Dollar Lake junction. Dollar Lake trail has some tree obstacles and trail can be tricky locating to lake.

      Fish Creek:          Open; some tree obstacles to saddle. Fish Creek has water but unknown water status at camp.

      Aspen Grove:     Open; trees and brush encroaching trail but plenty of water in creek. SGWA trailcrew will be working on trail 05/03.

      Lost Creek:          Open but trail is only cleared to flat area 0.5 mile after wilderness boundary.


      Closed Trails:

      Momyer/Falls Creek (maybe opening soon)

      San Bernardino Divide (maybe partly opening to High Meadow Springs or Trail Fork Springs)

      San Bernardino Peak (closed for a long time)

      Forsee Creek (closed for a long time)

      Johns Meadow (closed for a long time)

      Columbine Spring (closed for a long time)

      Mt Mountain Creek (closed for a long time)

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      Thanks Shawn!

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