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      (posted a report with pics but it seems like it’s waiting for approval – or the multiple pics I attached caused an issue.  Here is the report without pics- I may try to attach just one)

      Hi all,


      Took Mika up the South Fork Trail to the Dollar Lake Trail camping at Dry Lake View.  In the morning, we went up the 2.4 miles to San G summit.  Got up there about 6:30am and stayed up there about 30-40min.  Hiked back to camp, packed up and headed back to the car.  About 20 miles total.

      Started raining on us a little after Horse Meadow.  Donned my rain jacket and put on my pack cover.  Rain lasted about an hour.  A little bit of thunder, but seemed behind us and no lightning so we kept going.  Actually kind of neat to hike in the rain… for a while. 😉  Skies cleared up and weather was great for the rest of the trip.

      Filled up with water at South Fork Meadows (Dry Lake/ Dollar Lake trail split) as there is no other water on the trail (unless you hike down to Dollar Lake trail- assuming that spring is running).  I’d suggest filling up at South Fork Meadows.

      Trail is in good condition.  The redirected trail that led up the left side of the trail has been modified.  You continue more straight and take some short switchbacks up to the regular trail.  Easy to follow.

      Nature is working hard to take back some parts of the trail so there some overgrowth.  I’d recommend long pants.  The “fern forest” parts of the trail is very cool.

      Dollar Lake trail is very rocky.  When I hike it again, I will probably use boots instead of my trail runners.  I tend to roll my ankles on the way down and I stepped on the side of some sharper rocks- actually cut a hole in the side of my shoe.

      Late Saturday night I heard a helicopter circling near my camp announcing “If you’re lost, wave your arms”.  Hope whoever they were looking for was found safe.

      As always, any questions feel free to ask.


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      Thank you for the clear trail report!


      Any downed trees/branches or other obstacles along the route? How are folks doing with removing their own trash?

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      Trail was very clear.  I think there was only one small tree down the entire way that we had to hop over.  No issues.

      I didn’t see any trash whatsoever on the Dollar Lake trail to the summit.  I did pick up one piece of trash at South Fork Meadows on our way back down… otherwise, I was pleasantly surprised that there was not more trash.

      I did see a pair of boots placed next to the tree with the Dry Lake View sign.  I was hesitant to bring them back down because I’ve heard of people caching things like that so I left them there.

      Looking closely at them, my guess is they were probably left and forgotten as they appeared to be a little chewed by rodents etc, but I didn’t feel quite confident enough about that to bring them down.

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      I was up at Dollar Lake this past weekend (14-15AUG2021) and the spring is still running but just barely. Took me about 20 minutes to fill a 2L bag. I had crawl right in and hold it up to the drips.

      Trail work was done to clear all the downed trees at Dollar Lake but there is a new tree down about 0.25 miles before the junction for the camp. It is right at the muddy part as you round the corner and see Dollar saddle.

      A couple hikers saw a bear on the trail near the junction to Dollar Lake camp at about 3pm on Saturday. They scared it off and it took off up the ridge apparently. They were still quite excited when I met them about 5 minutes later.

      I didn’t see any trash except for a zip loc bag with clean toilet paper in it – someone must have accidentally dropped it.

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