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      Hi all,

      Thanks to Shawn’s note in a previous post to avoid Dollar Lake camp due to downed trees etc, I changed my plan to camp at Dry Lake View instead.  Walking by Dollar Lake, I’m glad I listened to Shawn.  It looked like there was quite a lot of downed trees.

      Biggest issue I had during planning for this trip was the lack of water from the Dry/Dollar Lake split all the way to the summit.  I had approx 3L in my hydration pack and filled an extra 5L from the river at the split.  Better safe than sorry.  Was very hard to carry the extra weight (for me) as the Dollar Lake trail was pretty steep.

      Made it to camp, setup and just hung around for the rest of the day/night.  Was hoping to see some wildlife, but wasn’t in the cards.  Woke up early and hiked to the summit- getting there around 7:30am.  Took a few pictures and hiked back down.  I ate some food, packed up and headed back to the car.

      Overnight it got down to around 36 degrees.  My quilt and pad combination worked very well.  Overall a very nice trip.  After seeing all the fire-burn and downed trees etc, one can really appreciate all the work that must go in to maintaining these trails.

      A few obligatory pics. 🙂




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