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      I’m planning to hike the South Fork Loop this weekend, heading up past Dry Lake, over the summit, and then back down by Dollar Lake.

      Has anyone gone that way lately? I’d love to know how much snow gear is required for safety.

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      2 weeks ago there still was a lot of snow on the way to the summit (from dry lake). I’d recommend micro spikes and poles with baskets.

      See my earlier trip report in this forum for more details.


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      I was up there the weekend of June 15th and had to turn around when I got to the beginning of the switchbacks (skyhigh trail) due to the snow conditions being so sloppy. I am sure there has been steady melting but who knows how much is still on that north and east side. I am going to try dollar lake side in another week.

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      Here is a sat. photo from 6/26/19 you can see dry lake full, and see most of the snow is on the Nface. When we talked to a ranger this last weekend while hiking down from dry lake, he said that after the plane crash site, the switch backs are still covered and its basically a straight up from there and there is some steep parts. San g Image is from Caltopos new satellite view beta

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      Here is updated satellite view of San G. You can spot Dry lake being full!! ( 6/28/2019 )

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      chris in redlands

      That’s a super hot tip! I hope that  note at the top of the page that reads “This may become a subscription-only layer” doesn’t come to pass. Caltopo is an awesome resource.

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