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      We went up on 5/18/2019-5/19/2019 and stayed the night up at Dry lake.

      Trail Conditions: Quickly saw the detour at the start of the trail. Well marked with the pink tags to get you back to the main trail. Many down trees that are passable. Either by getting over them, or you will see a small side trail that does right around them. This is consistant through-out. Right pass Horse Meadow, after passing the access road, at the the 2nd switchback, there is a downed tree with the pink markers to get you around it and back on trail as well.
      Trail is currently wet and muddy in spots. Especially between Horse Meadow and Poopout hill. There is a big section that is ankle-deep mud. There was no snow until the last .25 miles to dry lake in the heavily shaded areas. All was passable with out any gear. Dry lake is FULL of water. I wasn’t expecting that when we got up there and I was in awe. Didn’t cross my mind that it would be full ( lol )! Camping at dry lake, there is the small stream that runs through the area that is not normally there. Snow patches in the heavily shaded areas as well.

      Dry lake isn't so dry

      San Gorognio and Dry lake


      Waking up 5/19/2019

      Well it started to snow at about 10PM, I believe, and it snowed the rest of the night into the morning. We had packed up camp around 5 am to hike out. The snow was perfect, trail was easy to see with the freshly fallen snow. The only part that I was really aware not to miss is coming down out of the wash area (.2 from drylake) and it opens up and the trail switches sides right pass the fallen tree. Other than that, it was a breeze to see the trail. It was maybe 1 in that fell over night.

      Snow on May 19th 2019

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      chris in redlands

      Wow, it’s been a long time since i can remember dry lake having that much water in it. Will be interesting to see how long it hangs around. Days like this past weekend are the best. A bad forecast keeps people out of the mountains, but that same forecast makes for fantastic conditions that turn the hills into a wholly different environment than you’ll experience on a clear summer day.

      On Sunday, I watched Forsee Creek roar from my hammock for a few hours while the wind blew and it snowed on and off. Spectacular.

      This has been a fantastic spring, following a great winter. Hopefully it’s a return to our “normal” weather, not just a 1-year reprieve from the drought.

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      Great report.   Thanks Brittany.

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      Hikin Jim

      Yes, very much appreciated.


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        ^ WHOA!  I know he’s been around here before, but HJ stopping by is quite a treat.

        For those who don’t know him, HikinJim has put out a ton of very detailed information on the San Gorgonio Wilderness (and maybe other areas too- but I’ve only used his SGW info).

        His Caltopo page has an incredible amount of data.

        He also has a blog full of great information.

        Thanks for stopping by, Jim.

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      john paul

      Great info. Plan on heading up 27-28 May.

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