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      Been searching for the latest update on the SG Wilderness since the El Dorado fire and haven’t been successful finding current information so I figured I would ask here 🙂

      Does anyone know if the South Fork Trail is open? If this weather pattern holds out, I am looking at doing a San G summit via South Fork, ascending via Dry Lake and descending via Dollar Lake. I know the fire burned pretty closed to these areas but I cannot find if they burned or if the Wilderness is even open to traffic.

      Any information will be appreciated.

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      The Wilderness is closed. Based on how long it took to reopen after the Lake fire in 2015, I don’t see it reopening any time soon.

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        Thanks! That is what I thought, just could not find anything that confirmed it. Only a few Emergency Closure Orders that expired in October.

        I think it took about 3 yrs after the lake fire before sections of the wilderness started to reopen.

        Thanks for the information. Guess I will be hiking in the San Jacintos and Sierra for the foreseeable future

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      If the San G wilderness itself did not burn, what reason is being given for the closure?

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