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      Planning on an over nite at Dry lake this Fri.  It looks like a break between the second storm coming.

      Does anyone know Jenks Lake Road conditions and if parking lot will be open?


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      Ranger Lon

      Jenks Lake Road gets plowed by the County, so it should be clear, but be aware of icy spots in shadier parts on the road. The trailhead parking lot does not get plowed. You will have sheets of ice to deal with in there. The marginally warmer weather will help, and other people churning up the snow/ice with 4X4 and chains also helps, but the nights still get down around freezing so each day’s melt just adds to the ice. That said, the parking is open and the trail is too.

      Serious ice on the trail – microspikes may not be enough to keep from sliding. Don’t be a statistic – we have had several rescues on the mountain this year including 1 fatality and they all involved hikers slipping on ice and falling down ice chutes.

      The really thick snow should be above 9000 to 9200 ft. Also don’t forget that there are avalanche conditions so keep your head on a swivel and be aware of your surroundings.

      Have fun, but be safe. The mountain and snow are not going anywhere for a while, so if you don’t feel prepared this trip, you have time to try again later.

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      Hi Ranger Lon,

      I’ve read the recent events.  Thank you sir for your concern. Yes, my friend and I are fully prepared with snow shoes, crampons & ice axe along with lifes’ necessities.

      Depending on conditions we’re fine without a summit attempt.

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