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      Hey all,

      Went up to dry lake on Saturday and it was BEAUTIFUL DAY!

      Started up at 6:30 am and the parking lot was about half full at that point.

      Trail looked good, there are a few downed trees that you are able to go over or get around– and note if you CAN go over it, please do regardless of any side trails, this will cut down the impact on the vegetation around the trail!



      The meadow

      Just after poop-out

      The view, just pass Poop-out Hill


      Charlton Peak

      View of Charlton ( I believe)

      No snow until the last .2 to the lake outlet.

      First bit of snow

      This is what it looks like, so you can stay on trail for most of it.
      There was one spot that I recommend going around..


      In an attempt to stay on trail I made it about 2 steps and decided to go around- talk about post-holing.


      After that, all the steps in the snow were compacted, or the trail was clear enough to stay on it.

      It was beautiful up at the lake

      Dry lake 5-9-20The outlet

      Dry lake 5-9-20 2Here is looking at Lake peak above the camping areas


      Right view.

      Here is the other side of the lake – There were people camping over on this side. I would love to know if that is okay?


      Any ways all-in-all it was a great day trip. Looked like a typical summer day out there, everyone was respectful and just so happy to be outside! Made it back to the car by 11:00am with no issues. Parking lot was just over 3/4 full when I left.

      Let me know if you have any questions

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